We give our wines time to mature. A sensitive vintification ensures the complex range of aromas of our wines. This means deceleration – not only in the vineyard but also in the cellar. The wines should be able to find their development slowly. The fruit of every single grape should show to advantage. This is how an aromatic variety and charisma are being achieved.

Our wines are very flavourful, distinctive in taste and full of character. They stand for youthful carelessness, enthusiasm, tradition and drinking pleasure simultaneously. Our exquisite wines comprise all of this at the same time.

We are operating in harmony with nature, traditionally and environmentally friendly. An intact interplay of flora and fauna is important for the work in the vineyard and encourages the independent character of our wines. In other words, we are running a biodynamic and conventional viniculture. We are observing and studying nature year in and year out, making use of lunar cycles and generating knowledge out of our long tradition. Giving nature more than taking from it is our credo!

„Only something that is given time can become something big.“