Viniculture is work and precision

Our winery is picturesquely nestled within the extraordinary cultural landscape of the wine region Baden, at the beginning of the Durbach valley. In our family viniculture is a tradition since 1672. Our winery is still located only a stone’s throw away from our parental premises. 

We are especially proud of the 160 year old mill which belongs to our enterprise. Lovingly restored it today serves as a special place for eventful wine tastings, celebrations and festivities. Every year in May we are organising our traditional courtyard festival which is a marvellous meeting point for wine-loving, food affectionate friends.

The building was acquired by us in 2007. Everything was reconstructed and restored. A lot of the work was done by ourselves and a large part of the project was made possible with the generous help of the evangelical congregation Kecharismai on the Swabian Alp. The monks are living according to the Benedictine rule “Live and work”. They know Alexander since he was a child and they helped him build up his winery with pleasure. They are also wine connoisseurs. When they saw the work the young wine-grower was faced with they did not hesitate to support him with craftsmanship and drive. This is how a very charming and spacious winery was created in the midst of a beautiful landscape. Visit us! Enjoy the impressive natural environment followed by a delicious wine tasting in our premises. We are looking forward to seeing you!