The highest treasure of wine

Our beautiful homeland and the unique terroir are providing our wines with the necessary fertile ground. All of our vineyards are placed in South West locations. They are sun-caressed and ideally ventilated. Our wine-growing areas are providing the basis of our whole business and are therefore the highest treasure of our winery.

„No technology in the world can replace the sense and the hand of a vintner.“

Year by year best grapes are grown on calcareous soil, loess and eroding lime stones. Everything happens in harmony with nature. Our wines are as diverse, rich and multifaceted as flora and fauna. Every single production step is being carried out per hand. We are keeping our grapevines in a physiological balance so they endow us with little aromatic fruit. We are especially proud of our old vines, some of them being older than 50 years already. Outstanding wines can only be produced from grapevines being at least 25 years old. Just as people they are becoming considerate at an advanced age.

We will cultivate this approach in the future so our vineyards can grow old and last for a long time.